• Biography

    Dr. Feng Zhang is a professor of Nagoya Institute of Technology (NIT, National University Association, Japan) since 2005 and is also a Concurrent Professor of Tongji University since 2006. He got Ph.D. degree from Kyoto University in 1995. He served as the head of Civil Engineering Department of NIT during 2006 to 2008 and the director of Advanced Disaster Prevention Engineering Center of NIT during 2011 to 2014. He has published more than 130 top-level international journal papers and is the recipient of the awards including the Best Paper Medal of Soils & Foundations (2002, 2011) and the Best Paper Medal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers (2007).

  • Tentative Title

    Influence of saturation on liquefaction strength of sand subjected to undrained/unvented cyclic loading

  • Presentation Abstract

    To be confirmed...