• Biography

    Dr Leung is an Associate Professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Director of the Geotechnical Centrifuge Facility at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). His research interest is experimental unsaturated soil mechanics and soil-vegetation interaction with emphasis on geotechnical engineering applications such as slope stabilisation. Dr Leung has published more than 100 SCI journal articles in these subjects and co-authors a textbook ‘Plant Soil Slope Interaction’ published by Taylor & Francis. Dr Leung is the awardee of the 2022 Geotechnical Research Medal of the ICE Publishing, 2022 Outstanding Young Geotechnical Engineer Award of the ISSMGE, 2019 Excellent Youth Scholar of the NSFC, 2019 Bright Spark Lecture Award of the ISSMGE and 2018 International Award for Innovation in Unsaturated Soil Mechanics from TC106 (Unsaturated Soils). He is currently an Associate Editor of Geotechnique and editorial board members of Canadian Geotechnical Journal and other journals, the General Secretary of the Hong Kong Geotechnical Society (HKGES) and TC106 (Unsaturated Soils) and TC107 (Tropical& Residual Soils).

  • Tentative Title

    Microhydromechanics of unsaturated sands

  • Presentation Abstract

    To be confirmed...