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    About the journal

    Smart Construction and Sustainable Cities (SCSC) is an international open-access journal aiming to provide an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research platform for the application of information science, advanced digital technologies, and green sustainable technologies in modern cities’ construction, maintenance, and management to achieve low carbon, resilient, and sustainable cities.


    SCSC accepts submissions of Research, Reviews, Perspectives, Comments, Brief Communications and Case Studies. Topics covered include but are not limited to


    Smart technologies and integrated systems: Information system and big data analytics for construction and maintenance of infrastructures; Intelligence geotechnics and structures; Intelligent transportation systems (ITS); Internet of Things (IoT) in architectures; IoT network technologies with 5Gn in the construction and maintenance of infrastructures; Digital twin in construction engineering and management; Application of artificial intelligence in all fields of construction engineering.


    Solutions for mitigating environmental impacts: Smart waste material and water management; Smart urban governance; Self-adaptability and resilience of the cities; Smart materials in construction engineering; Green materials & green cities; Sustainable development in cities; Sustainable lifestyles and societies; Sustainable geopolymers; Social sustainability; Decarbonised society and low-carbon cities; Waste recycling in cities; Smart and sustainable pollution control; Smart flood management; Intelligent disaster prevention.


    Sensing, monitoring, detection: GIS, GNSS, GPS, BIM, VR, AR, MR application and investigation; High-temperature monitoring and mitigation in cities; City sustainability problems induced by climate change and their solutions; 3D printing both for construction and manufacturing; Intelligent manufacturing; Smart and sustainable land use, water, and energy resources management; Intelligent construction and safety control; Fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensing and other Intelligent sensor technologies; Laser point cloud scanning technology; Remote sensing, e.g., InSAR monitoring of cities.